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About Us.

Elevate Your Business with Expert CRM Solutions

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Who we are

At BRCG, we specialize in CRM strategies that drive remarkable outcomes for businesses across diverse industries. From email and push notifications to SMS and in-app messaging, we offer comprehensive CRM services tailored to your needs.

Our Expertise

Full-Service CRM Solutions

From strategy development to execution, we manage your entire CRM process, ensuring seamless transitions between platforms like Braze, Iterable, Klaviyo, and more

Conversion Rate Optimization

We fine-tune customer interactions to boost conversion rates, optimizing every touchpoint for maximum engagement

Enhanced Lifetime Value

Our strategies not only attract but also retain customers, substantially increasing their lifetime value to your business.

Improved Retention and Engagement

Through targeted campaigns and personalized communication, we increase activation rates and foster customer loyalty.

Impactful Results

Our data-driven approach has led to significant increases in CRM-attributed revenue, activation rates, and customer retention.

Success Stories

Our CRM expertise has transformed businesses, leading to substantial revenue growth and improved customer engagement.

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At BRCG, we are a team of passionate experts, driven by innovative ideas, and dedicated to helping businesses in the digital and fintech sectors reimagine their CRM identity.