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Driving Remarkable Results: Transforming E-commerce Success with Robust Klaviyo Strategy


At Blue Ridge Consulting Group (BRCG), we thrive on helping businesses unlock their full potential through optimized CRM strategies. In this case study, we showcase our partnership with an e-commerce client, where we joined forces to revitalize their marketing efforts using Klaviyo. By leveraging our expertise and introducing a more robust Klaviyo strategy, we achieved remarkable results in just 60 days.


Our collaboration began in June, with the aim of transforming the client’s e-commerce performance. The client had already implemented Klaviyo, but its potential remained largely untapped. Core functions were in place, but there was a clear opportunity to enhance their email capture, optimize content, and implement effective personalization based on product type and category.


To propel the client towards success, we devised a comprehensive strategy. Our initial focus was on increasing list growth through innovative email capture techniques. We conducted extensive testing of triggers, content, and incentives for sign-up forms, enabling us to identify the most compelling factors that resonated with their target audience.

Key Achievements:

  • Significant Increase in Sign-Ups: By implementing our optimized sign-up form strategies, we achieved a remarkable 353.8% increase in sign-ups within a span of just 60 days. In May, the client’s average weekly sign-ups were 546, while in June, the average weekly sign-ups skyrocketed to 2,480. This exceptional growth was driven by our precise testing of triggers, content, and incentives, ensuring the highest conversion rates for capturing new leads.
  • Impressive Revenue Growth: Our flow optimization efforts for core flows, including abandoned cart, welcome series, re-engagement, and post-purchase, led to a remarkable 94.90% increase in Klaviyo attributed revenue. By refining and aligning the flows with customer preferences, we witnessed higher conversions and customer engagement. Additionally, our introduction of a more robust segmentation strategy further improved purchase conversions from campaigns, solidifying the client’s revenue growth.
    • If we narrow out flow performance specifically month over month our flow conversions increased by 111%
  • Increase in Total Placed Orders: We achieved a notable 14.67% month-over-month increase in total placed orders for the client. By optimizing Klaviyo workflows and implementing targeted campaigns, we successfully guided customers through the purchasing journey, resulting in a substantial boost to the client’s revenue.
  • 59% increase in placed order rate: We witnessed a remarkable 59% increase in the placed order rate. Our strategic Klaviyo optimizations, including segmentation and personalized content, significantly improved the customer journey, leading to a higher conversion rate and increased sales.


Through a comprehensive Klaviyo optimization approach, our partnership with the e-commerce client yielded exceptional results within a short span of 60 days. By capitalizing on the full potential of Klaviyo, we achieved a significant increase in sign-ups and Klaviyo attributed revenue. This success demonstrates the power of a robust CRM strategy and personalized customer experiences in driving remarkable growth for e-commerce businesses.

If you’re looking to unleash the true potential of your CRM and achieve similar results, reach out to Blue Ridge Consulting Group today. Let us transform your business and drive unparalleled success.

Note: The statistics provided in this case study are based on actual client results.

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Kodie Critzer
I am Kodie Critzer, Co-Founder/Partner at BRCG. With a strong focus on optimizing full-funnel metrics, I specialize in driving client success from acquisition to re-engagement. Leveraging expertise in push strategies, conversion optimization, email marketing, and CRM, I am committed to helping businesses unlock their true potential and achieve unparalleled success.