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Twitch Year in Review

The “Twitch 2020 Year in Review” was an email campaign launched at the beginning of 2021. The campaign was designed to provide a personalized look back at each user’s interactions and behaviors on Twitch in the previous year.

The emails contained details such as:

  • Channels the user watched the most.
  • The length of time the user spent watching those channels.
  • The total hours of content the user watched on Twitch.
  • The channels the user was subscribed to.
  • The emote the user used the most.
  • The number of chats the user sent.
  • The user’s most-watched category and how it compares to Twitch’s platform-wide most-watched category.
  • In addition to these personalized details, the email campaign also highlighted Twitch’s significant growth and success in 2020, which was largely attributed to the increase in stay-at-home mandates due to the pandemic.

    The campaign aimed to not only provide an interesting and engaging summary of the user’s year on Twitch but also to strengthen the connection between Twitch and its user base, with the hope of retaining new users even after the pandemic restrictions were lifted.


    The task was to design, implement, and distribute an email campaign called "Twitch 2020 Year in Review". The purpose of this campaign was to provide personalized insights to individual Twitch users based on their activity on the platform throughout the year. This was to engage users, highlight the platform's growth, and strengthen the community relationship.

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