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Zero: Fasting & Health Tracker

In collaboration with Zero Fasting, we seamlessly migrated their email platform from SendGrid to Braze, ensuring a flawless transfer of events and attributes. Simultaneously, we developed a targeted funnel strategy, resulting in remarkable improvements across various metrics such as activation, retention, conversion, and reengagement. By leveraging Braze’s capabilities, we enhanced user engagement and supported Zero Fasting in their mission to empower users in building lifelong habits and improving metabolic wellbeing. Our joint efforts yielded significant outcomes, driving improved user engagement and contributing to Zero’s goal of promoting healthier, longer lives.


We collaborated closely with Zero's engineers to seamlessly migrate their email platform from SendGrid to Braze, ensuring the smooth transfer of relevant events and attributes for triggers and segmentation. Alongside this migration, we developed a comprehensive funnel lifecycle strategy to optimize activation, retention, conversion, and reengagement metrics. By mapping out the user journey and implementing targeted campaigns, we achieved significant improvements in activation rates, user retention, conversion rates, and reengagement of inactive users. Our strategic approach, combined with Braze's powerful capabilities, led to enhanced user engagement and supported Zero in their mission to help users build lifelong habits and improve metabolic wellbeing.

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